Reach a High Quality Audience

Let Us Ensure the Quality of Your Panel

SurveyGizmo offers a built-in panel integration, so you can extend your surveys’ reach beyond your existing contacts. We can even work with any panel company you choose to ensure you are getting respondents who meet your exact requirements.

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Gather quality data from the right panelists

Qualified Responses

Our advanced logic makes it simple to disqualify potential respondents based on demographic or qualifying questions in your survey. Make sure the data you're getting is as squeaky clean as possible.

Accurate Quotas

Even for those respondents who meet the requirements you've set, quotas make it simple to ensure that each of your segments is properly represented. Choose limits on demographic categories or other criteria that you select.

Quality Assurance

Buy your Panel through us, and we can help you manage the transaction. We also help ensure that the respondents the panel company is sending you meet your requirements.

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